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cycling coffeecups Pistolero 10-pack

4,25 € per stuk
3,95 € per stuk bij aankoop van minimaal 10



Taste Description
These Pistolero espresso capsules contain a full bodied and espresso roast of 100% organic beans from Ethiopia, Honduras and Peru with a nice aroma of chocolate, hazelnut and some cinnamon. This is a great espresso to get you started in the morning or after dinner.

Best Brew Recipe
Nespresso seems the most simple brew method of coffee but you will enjoy your coffee more following the next steps:
1. Flush your Nespresso* machine twice without the cup inside
2. Pre-heat the espresso cup you want to drink from
3. Add our Pistolero capsule into the machine (as our capsules are a bit softer than other capsules you sometimes need to help the capsule a little bit) and start the brew
4. Enjoy your brew!

El Pistolero
EL PISTOLERO was one of the greatest Spanish grand tour cyclists for years. He got this nickname after some ferocious attacks on steep climbs when everybody was begging for oxygen (maybe also for making a marksman pose when crossing the finish line) and nobody could follow him anymore. When roasted our Pistolero espresso blend equal to his fighting spirit as a punchy and fully alive espresso brew.

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