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Il Magistrale cycling coffee - Explorer Pack

29,50 € per stuk

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Difficulty in choosing the right coffee? Just explore our coffees at your house to make a profound choice of your future cycling coffee.

Choosing a coffee can sometimes be as difficult as choosing a new bike. All pro and cons will pass and your girl cannot stand another race machine in the hallway. As always keep track by the N+1 rule so also for your coffees. We packed our best selling coffees in this nice pack. As extra we add our brand new water cag to keep your mind on our coffees during training. You worry about your time on your bike as we have your coffee management covered. As always...

Superprestige - Guatemala
Bom van Balen - Colombia
Golden Greg - South-America Blend
Cima Coppi - Brasil/Ethiopia Blend
"We push harder" water cag
Roast profile:
Espresso roast
Brew method:
Espressomachine, semi- and automatic
Coffee quantity:
200 gram of beans per flavor

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Cyclostyle fietscafé

Cyclostyle fietscafé in Moordrecht is een uitstekende plek voor een gezellige ravitaillering. Stap binnen als je in de buurt bent, of stem er je (fiets)rondje op af. Iedereen is er welkom, of je wel of niet op de fiets bent.